Mar 28, 2017 0 Comments Posted by Astrology or Jyotish wishes Lucky Vikram Samvat 2074

Vikram Nav Varsh Samvat i.e.  Hindu New Year 2074 or  the traditional lunar Hindu calendars followed in North India starts on Chaitra Shukala Pratipada. In 2017, the Nav Samvat begins on March 28. However, as per some panchangs and calendars it begins on March 29. The New Year is first day after the Amavasi (No moon) in the month of Chaitra.

Vikram Era was started in 57 BC by Emperor Vikramaditya as a commemoration of his victory upon the Shaks. This victory took place at Ujjain, one among the four places associated with Kumbh Mela. This Hindu year is also known as Vikram Samvant.

According to the Hindu calendar followed in North India this is year Vikram Samvat 2074. This calculation of Hindu New Year is based on the Luni-Solar calendar. A month in the calendar is calculated from the day after full moon to full moon (Pratipada tithi after Purnima to Purnima).

The current year will be Soumya Samvatsar with King Mangal, Prime Minister Devguru Jupiter, year-old Mercury, Krishipati Sun, Dhanapati Shani and Defense Department Chandra. As the name indicate, the current year will be Soumya and hence will bring prosperity to middle class and to simple person.

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