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Lesson 2 :  Janampatrika i.e. Horoscope

Houses :-

There are twelve houses in Astrology and a house is constituted with 30 degrees. The twelve houses of the horoscope should not be confused with the twelve signs of the Zodiac, because twelve house are divisions in a chart and always occupy the same place while the signs are sections in a Zodiac and due to the Earth's motion on its axis, they are consantly revolving from the east, over the meredian to the west. The spaces are termed as houses upon which we write the signs and symbols of the planets according to their location at a specified time. Each house has a distinct nature and relates particularly to the particular matreial interests and conditions, while the signs tell us more of the spiritual qualities which manifest as character, temperament and tendencis. 

Computers and Astrology :- 

Indian Astrology has three major facets.

1. Detailed mathematical calculations

2. The rules and the information based on these rules to predict the influence of the planet

3. Hewristic predictions.

Indian Astrology has many rules covering the various aspects of life and to make an accurate prediction, these rules have to be taken in account.

Salient points of Indian Astrology :-

Since Arcient times, in india, our saints and sages have imported valuable knowledge to mankind concerning Astrology. Even now, india is known for its mastery of Astrology. Astrology has become necessary as well as useful for the modern man. Through this, man can know his past present and future as well as regarding many events from Astrologers as well as scholars.

The Salient points are as follows:-

Rashichakra :-

Rashichakra is regarded as 360 degree of the imaginary globe in which important houses as well as nakshatras have their own place these positions keep changing from time to time. Therefore, to make anyone's horoscope to know the correct time is necessary otherwise at the time of making predictions, they will not be accurate.

Horoscope :-
Through this, we can know the exact position of houses and planets which is considered as one of the main point in order to make predictions about the future. There are 12 parts in it at present, in India. Northern and Southern chart styles are prevalent.

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Time of birth :-
To make a horoscope, it is extremely important to know the time of birth. If the time of birth is not correct, the predictions will not be correct.

Place of birth :-
In the world, in every place, the sun rise is at different time and the time told differs at every place.

Ishtakal :-
After ascertaining the local time the Ishtakal is taken out. For that, it is necessary to know the time of birth. The difference between the time of birth and the time of Sun rise is multiplied by 2.5 the result is Ishtakal for eg.

Time of birth : 17hrs-13 minutes plus 40 seconds.
Sunrise : 5-21-28 / 11-52-12 * 2.5
Ishtakal = 29/30/30

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