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www.janmpatrika.com lessons no. 1 on vedic astrology

 Indian Astrology can be explained as space  time connection. Within the space, there are four elements Air,  Fire, water and earth each is therefold attributes, sattva, Raja and Tamsa and make up 12 grand divisions in the nature.

              The  Zodiac  in which earth and all the planets are permanently imprisoned by gravitation and  revolve round  the sun is divided by 12 clusters of stars or signs of the zodiac.  Each sign has a certain specific influence of its own. All  planets  as  they travel  around  each zodiac sign, exert an  influence  according to their seperate  nature  and in accordance with the quality of aspects which they form. Our centre at Jaipur India known for its  high quality  products  and a leading name in astrology has incorporated  today's technology  with  the  age  old  science.  Our services and models have been  designed  to suit the needs  of  customers  and  provides  a  variety  of  astrological services specially designed to suit the  needs  of those customers  interested  in Astrology.    The  only information the customer has to supply is his date,  time  and  place  of birth and in return is given detailed predictions  for  the  period  ranging  between  1  to  20 years, satisfactory   answers   to   specific   questions   and matching horoscopes  as  well.  They do not need to have any knowledge for Astrology.  It is the best investment you could  make.        Astrology  is  a  totally  pragmatic  study  that   has survived  the  test of time and the attacks of both religion a nd modern  science.  Astrology, the study of correspondences between  the patterns in the sky and the events of earth is not a religion demanding blind faith. It makes our participation in the evolving cosmos more effective.  It is a potential science in  the process of being reborn.

          Another  name for Astrology is Jyothishya. According to western  interpretations, Astrology is derived from Aster meaning a  star and Logos meaning reason or logic. Astrology is a science which  interprets  the  governance  of  earthly  beings  by   the celestial  bodies.  Astrology  has  nothing  whatsover to do with Fatalism  or   wichcraft.   From   time  immemorial, man has been watching  the  movements  of  the  sun, moon, the planets and the stars.  This  system  is commonly known as solar system as sun is the  centre  and  from this centre, other planets in distance are Mercury,  Venus,  Earth,  Mars,   Jupiter   and   Saturn.   Later discoveries added Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Astrology interprets what  it conceives to be  the future  of man as  indicated by the future of man as indicated by the planetary positions at the time of birth.

          When one knows what the present and future has in store for  him  through  the knowledge of the influences of th e stars, he  will  be  better  equipped and in a better position to handle the future more successfully. 

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